While the focus of hch 's services is in the conceptual planning and design phases of a project, hch can offer our clients a single point of responsibility as their lead consultant.

In addition to comprehensive architectural services, hch can also assemble a high-level team of consultants for ENGINEERING (structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design), LAND PLANNING (from site evaluation to comprehensive city planning), LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE (including environmental impact studies), INTERIOR DESIGN (including furnishings, fixtures and equipment as well as styling and art consultation), ECONOMIC AND FEASIBILITY STUDIES (budget estimates; pro forma cash flow studies), GRAPHICS (architectural identification and directional letter graphics; corporate identity programs), and other SPECIAL SERVICES (engineering studies in vertical transportation, fire protection, wind tunnel studies, etc.).

With our partner, HWANG concepts, hch can help our clients create brand identities for their properties that are inimitable and powerfully expressive of their founding intentions. If a clear and compelling identity can be established from the earliest phases of a project, we can then maximize synergies in developing both the physical and brand identities, tightly integrating them to each other, and thus help the client ensure that all aspects of a project's design will embody and reinforce its identity. Following this process, it is possible to create not just a unique and cohesive design but also a culture that is unique and exclusive to the project. Such a depth of identity resonates profoundly with customers and with the public, thereby dramatically enhancing the brand and value of a property.

Through our partner, BANG Events, hch can help our clients create events and entertainment to help promote and establish their brand identities or for the needs of their properties and organizations.

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