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Babeldaob Island, Palau
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More than green building and sustainable design, the vision hch developed for this project is to holistically integrate the development of the resort with the existing environment so that the experience of the resort is one in which the joy and beauty of the natural surroundings are celebrated by the built structures.

Taking a step further, hch advised the client in extending this holistic integration from the natural environment into the local community. In addition to creating jobs for the local economy, the resort will become a center for the community, providing facilities to support local residents, including continuing education, community events and gatherings, and other offerings to help nurture and build community. In return, these efforts will also serve to allow guests to more fully experience the traditions, culture, and warmth of the people of Palau.

Tourism is seen by Palau as its building block for the future. With government support, a vastly enhanced infrastructure, an increasing variety of cultural and educational attractions to augment its scenic and underwater beauty, a rising international profile, and a recent increase in resort accommodations including an under-construction Aman Resort, Palau is set to blossom as one of the world's newest and most beautiful eco-destinations.

However, the government realizes the potential dangers of uncontrolled development and is wary of the downsides of ecosystem damage, overcrowding, and messy, urban sprawl. Palau thus wishes to attract environmentally-conscious development that will not only bring the increased revenues of an upscale market but will also protect, enhance, and embrace its natural splendor.

hch's development concept for this project will help lead Palau in such a direction. It meets the demands of the discerning international traveller - a pristine and unique resort in one of the world's most fabulous paradises - as well as the demands of Palau - to develop gracefully and in a way that makes a positive contribution to the country's environment.


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