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Wuhan, China
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hch created the master plan for the Wuhan Sports Complex, a development adjacent to the 60,000-seat Wuhan Stadium with the full support and participation of both the Wuhan City Government and the Wuhan Sports Administration.

In addition to an award-winning, Olympic Garden brand residential development with a 17,850 m2 community sports and recreation center, the master plan encompasses a new, 12,000-seat multi-use arena that will not only be a venue for sporting events but also for exhibitions and cultural and entertainment events.

The project was also planned to include a 3,000-seat aquatic center and water recreation facility that takes advantage of its riverside location; facilities for training in soccer, basketball, badminton, swimming, and tennis as well as for youth sports; over 40,000 m2 of retail and commercial space; and a 350-room hotel.

The master plan envisioned a development on approximately 20 hectares that would create a new urban center at the heart of a sports multiplex and lifestyle community focused around a grand, circular plaza to the northeast corner of the existing stadium. The façades of the buildings facing the plaza would serve to enhance its presence as a major urban nexus, and all of the buildings around the grand plaza would be open to and connected with the plaza, linked by pedestrian access and climate-controlled arcades to each other.

Not only would the plaza be suitable for outdoor events and gatherings, but it would also be a dramatic, modernizing, and invigorating element in the urban landscape of the city.


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