Spaces affect us in so many unseen ways. Beyond how we might perceive them aesthetically or use them functionally, the spaces and places which surround us have the potential to move and inspire us…and to touch us at deeper and more resonant levels within ourselves.

hch helps our clients to create buildings and spaces that manifest such potential to the fullest.

By making the effort to understand not only what each client hopes to achieve but also what are their most fundamental motivations, hch is able to fulfill our clients' needs in paradigm-shifting ways that help to open new possibilities for them.

hch 's passion for architecture and design has taken us from the US to the Far and Mideast for projects in Taiwan, China, the Pacific Islands, India, Sri Lanka, and Dubai – from groundbreaking urban planning and development to breath-taking, seaside resorts; from luxury villas in Dubai to prototype hospital compounds for resource-strapped areas of Africa; and from concept development and design for the Aurora Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai to a new embodiment of Buddhist temple complexes.

Whether designing the interior of a single flat one-on-one with the client or guiding and directing an entire array of design teams from several different firms through the development of a 1,000,000m2 multi-use complex, hch seeks to express its devotion to empowering design and brings the same dedication and love for our work to all of our projects.

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